On-The-Job Training for Medical Assistants

Medical assistants (MA) work in hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices providing assistance to patients, doctors, and other health care providers. Although preferred by some employers, an MA is not required to go through formal medical assistant training nor obtain a license to practice as a medical assistant, prior to employment. Some employers who utilize the skills of medical assistants offer on-the-job training for those who have not completed a traditional MA training program. On-the-job training is often designed to meet the specific needs of employers. This type of training only teaches medical assistants what they need to know to work for that employer.

Paid and Non-paid Training

Employers may offer paid or non-paid on-the-job training for those hired to work as medical assistants. Employer-based training programs vary in length. The information taught during these programs is dependent upon the job duties of the MA as well as the needs of the health care facility in which they will work. Some employers offer on-the-job training that takes place on-site. Others may send new hires through training programs held elsewhere. Some employers may offer to pay the new medical assistants while they complete their training. Others offer on-the-job training for medical assistants but may choose not to pay them until the training is completed and they are working within the health care facility.

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Job Shadowing

Job shadowing is when a new medical assistant follows, or shadows, an experienced medical assistant. This gives them the opportunity to learn medical assisting skills and gain real-life experience caring for patients and assisting doctors and other health care professionals.

Experienced medical assistants provide systematic instructions on how to perform procedures, treatments, assessments and clerical skills necessary to work as a medical assistant for that employer. With the help of more experienced medical assistants, job shadowing provides new MA the opportunity to ask questions and develop their own techniques for performing assessments, providing treatments or assisting doctors with procedures.

Search Medical Assistant Programs

Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Article Written by Rachel Dennis

Rachel Dennis works as both a professional writer and health care provider. She has been a licensed health care provider since 1998, with work experience as a medical assistant, certified nursing assistant and emergency medical technician. She has been writing since 1994 and has been published both on-line and in print.

16 Responses to “On-The-Job Training for Medical Assistants”
  1. Laura Ellison says:

    I am seeking a paid medical assistant program in the North/northeast Indianapolis area.

  2. Kang Zoua says:

    i’ve trying to find a job within the medical office field have no luck, no one had called me an interview. i received a mos certificate but no job. looks like no one wants to hire though i think that i can do pretty well in this field because it was a job training i did and we worked on various things in this field. gosh feel so depress and stress because even though my resume looks good still no one call me or email for an interview….and everything else they say they want experience but how can you get experience if the employer doesn’t even hire one!!? am i right?!?!….this is ridiculous for employers to say they want an experienced medical office or ma worker….i think that it should go by how well you do the job and the service you provide for people and patients. so what’s the whole of me having a medical office certificate if i can’t even get a job!!!

  3. LEEANN MARTIN says:

    I have certificates in Medical Assiting, Phleboltomist,EKG Technican, Billing and Coding, but I have no clinical experience. My question is how do I get experience if know one will give me a job? I reside in Fort Walton Beach, Fl. and have looked every where here for on the job training which I have not found yet.I would like a answer to my question.

  4. Christie says:

    I wrote on the job training site, still no answer, so wondering if there is real medical related on the job training opportunity in Metro Vancouver area? Thank you

  5. Nancy Gonzalez says:

    I’m dealing with the same problem how can you learn if no one hires someone with no experience? We were taught in class everything we have certificates, why can’t we have a chance? Very frustrating and makes us feel no worthy?Please help us out!!!!

  6. Zach says:

    Hello, I got a job as a clinical medical assistant and I have never done it before and just have my CNA and am wonder what should I expect?

  7. Barbara says:

    Hi. I’ve been through paramedic school and worked as an urgent care tech, certified cardiographic tech, and Ma. I am not a certified Ms however I have many other licenses. How can I test online for CMa

  8. Shanan says:

    I am trying to find a medical facility that will train for medical assistant without school. I’m in the Phoenix Arizona area

  9. Ranee' says:

    I Completed my Medical Assistant Training in April 2011 with a GPA of 3.86, and have been a Certified as of December 2013 (which my certification is current to date). I have applied for multiple MA positions upon certification till now, but all jobs are requiring at least 1-year experience. However, I needed employment after my training so I applied for other medical field positions. Medical Support Assistant scheduling appointments, Medical Office Positions, Home health care, and other positions outside the medical field. To date August, 2017 I want to try again finding a Certified Medical Assistant position. I have not forgotten any of my training skills, I would need to shadow an experienced CMA for a couple weeks, or whatever the clinic requires. I live in the Seattle/Tacoma, WA area. I am just needing an opportunity to find a Clinic that can assist me. If anyone in my area reads this post, can you fill me in on who I can talk to, and what is required of me or know of a facility that can help me get my foot in the door.

  10. Tammi T. says:

    I can’t seem to find a job within the medical field. I graduated Pima Medical Assistant in 2014. I want to try for certification but need refreshment of knowledge. I want to get my career path back on schedule.

  11. Chandra says:

    Can physicians sign off on MA experience for us to go take our license test?

  12. Rebecca Wallace says:

    I’m looking for a paid on job training for medical assistance, I have done two years of medical training already but still need some more practice..

  13. Roshonda Williams says:

    I’m looking for a paid on job training for medical assistance, I have done the medical assistance training program already but still need some refresher practice to take the exam. I graduated from ahead College in 2007. I want to try for certification but need refreshment of knowledge. I want to get my career path back on schedule.

  14. Ahmadjawid says:

    I am graduated from medical university in overseas and I was orthopedic surgeon I have 7 year experience now I am studying for USLME but now I need job in medical field can I work as on the job training for medical assistance. Thank you

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