Medical Assistant Jobs in Hospitals

Medical assistants (MA) work in hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices. They provide a variety of care for patients of all ages and physical conditions. They assist physicians and other health care providers. MA perform an assortment of clinical and clerical duties. They act as a patient coordinator by providing a means of communication between patients, doctors and other health care providers.

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Clinical Duties

Clinical duties assigned to MA who work in the hospital setting are based upon the needs of the patients admitted onto their floor.

Typically, MA hired to work in hospitals are assigned to work in a specific unit of the hospital. This allows the MA to specialize and focus on providing the type of care and assistance required by those patients and fellow health care providers. Specializing in a specific area of the hospital may require additional training. Some hospitals will provide on-the-job training for those working in a certain unit. Other hospitals may choose to send medical assistants whom need further training to a training program held off-site.

Since patients are often admitted for several days for treatments, medical assistants working at hospitals are often responsible for helping patients with ADLs (activities of daily living). These activities include bathing, grooming and toileting needs. They may assist patients with therapies or recommended exercises. Hospital MA transport patients from one location in the hospital to another. A MA transports a patient, using a wheelchair or hospital bed, from their room to locations where diagnostic testing is performed, such as the radiology department. In some hospitals MA are also responsible for administering medications, treatments and procedures.

Clerical Duties

Clerical duties performed by a medical assistant in hospitals include answering phones, collecting patient information, handling patient charts and billing.

MA may be hired by hospitals to work at a desk performing only clerical duties. Others give MA a combination of responsibilities that include both clerical and clinical duties. Medical assistants greet patients when they arrive and collect information including demographics, such as address and phone number, and insurance provider information. They assure patients fill out the necessary paperwork correctly. Some hospitals that employ MA allow them to perform certain billing duties. They may coordinate with insurance providers to determine a patient’s coverage and allowances. Hospital MA may be in charge of putting the billing codes and information into a patient’s file, which helps speed up the billing process and assists the hospital with reimbursement.

Search Medical Assistant Programs

Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Article Written by Rachel Dennis

Rachel Dennis works as both a professional writer and health care provider. She has been a licensed health care provider since 1998, with work experience as a medical assistant, certified nursing assistant and emergency medical technician. She has been writing since 1994 and has been published both on-line and in print.

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  1. Decondia Moss says:

    I am interested in obtaining a position in the medical field, as a medical assistant. I am willing and ready to assume the the duties that are required. I am qualified for the job and also have the passion for it. I would appreciate any more information you have pertaining to any jobs available.

  2. Caroline Talks Different says:

    I am currently going to school for my medical assistant certification. Is there anything you can say to prepare me for the real-world experience? I am new to the healthcare team and I am starting from scratch without any prior knowledge about anything in the medical field. Any advice or anything specific I should focus on before I graduate in a few months and go to externship?

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