Accredited Medical assistant schools and programs in Indiana

With so many schools for medical assisting available from which students can choose, potential students may be overwhelmed with the many options open to them to obtain their education.  Finding a reputable medical assisting school in the state of Indiana will require research into the appropriate accrediting bodies for medical assisting educational programs.  Finding schools that meet the rigorous accreditation requirements from organizations such as the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Career Programs (CAAHEP) or the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES) is key to ensuring a well-rounded and high quality program.

CAAHEP Medical Assisting Programs in Indiana

There are 54 accredited programs in the state of Indiana according to the CAAHEP website. Many of these programs are located on multiple campuses throughout the state.  Because different locations may have varying entrance requirements, researching each location individually is recommended to obtain the most up to date prerequisite information.

1. Brown Mackie College

Brown Mackie College
Locations: Fort Wayne and South Bend

Brown Mackie offers a wide variety of health career education programs in both nursing and allied health.  Medical assisting programs are available at both the Fort Wayne and South Bend, Indiana locations.  Both locations offer Associate of Science degrees in medical assisting.  The program can be completed in as little as 26 months, with a one class per month approach.  Classes will include both administrative and clinical coursework in medical assisting, as well as pharmacology and professional development.

2. Harrison College

Harrison College
Locations: Elkhart, Anderson, Columbus, Indianapolis, Lafayette, Evansville, Fort Wayne, Muncie, Terre Haute

Harrison College offers an Associate of Applied Science degree in medical assisting at many of its campuses in Indiana.  Total credit hours for completion of the program are 96; taking varying amounts of credit hours each quarter will dictate how quickly the program can be completed.  Harrison College is very proud of their job placement rates and gives potential students full access to this information right on their website.

3. Ivy Tech Community College

Ivy Tech Community College
Locations: Central Indiana, Columbus, Anderson, Evansville, Fort Wayne, Kokomo, Lafayette, Lawrenceburg, Madison, Marion, Muncie, Northwest Region, Richmond, Sellersburg, South Bend, Terre Haute

Ivy Tech has many campuses that offer medical assisting certificates and the Associate of Applied Science degree.  Certificate programs typically run for one year, after which students are eligible to take the nationally recognized certification exam through the American Association of Medical Assistants or the nationally recognized registry exam through the American Medical Technologists, Registered Medical Assistant.

4. Kaplan College

Kaplan College
Location: Indianapolis

Kaplan Higher Education is a national proprietary education system that offers a variety of degree and certificate programs in a number of disciplines. The Indianapolis location offers both a diploma in medical assisting and an Associate’s Degree.  With Kaplan being a nationally recognized institution of higher learning, many graduates may find that recognition of their alma mater can greatly influence potential employers.

5. MedTech College

MedTech College
Location: Fort Wayne, Greenwood, Indianapolis
MedTech College has campuses in Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Virginia and Georgia.  Medical assisting degrees can be obtained from many of these campuses.  With a full range of student services, MedTech College offers students services to promote learning and engagement in the classroom and on the job.  Of all of the schools that are accredited in Indiana by CAAHEP, MedTech College does one of the most thorough jobs of notifying the public on placement rates of its graduates and the success rates of graduates that complete the program.  This information can be found directly on their website without a request for additional information.

6. National College

National College
Location: Indianapolis

National College offers some unique programs for graduates, including a life time refresher course for those that want to enhance their skills after completing the program.  The refresher courses are offered at no cost to graduates.  In addition, a peer tutoring system is offered to current students to learn one on one from each other, which is a service that is also offered at no cost.  National College has campuses across the United States, so program recognition could be a benefit to those students seeking employment in areas outside of Indiana.

ABHES Medical Assisting Programs in Indiana

ABHES accreditation in medical assisting isn’t as prominent in Indiana as CAAHEP.  While the accreditation requirements of both bodies are fairly similar and equally as thorough, ABHES hasn’t reached the same level of popularity as CAAHEP accreditation has in this Midwestern state.  This does not, by any means, suggest that the programs that have chosen to identify as ABHES accredited schools are of any less quality that those that identify with CAAHEP accreditation.

Brown Mackie College

Brown Mackie College
Location: Michigan City, Merrill

It may be a bit confusing to see that some institutions choose accrediting bodies that are different than other sites within the same organization.  For this reason, it’s necessary to investigate each location within an institution to ascertain the appropriate level of accreditation that each holds.  As mentioned above, Brown Mackie medical assisting programs can be completed in as little as 26 months, with an Associate’s degree obtained upon completion of the program.

Medical assisting schools in Indiana can be found in several metropolitan areas and on the outskirts of heavily populated areas.  Tuition costs will vary between each institution.  Most schools will provide up front information on tuition costs, but for those that do not make this information readily available, potential students should ask for disclosure of total costs from each school being considered.  Costs to consider include:

  • Books
  • Lab Fees
  • Graduation Fees
  • Uniforms
  • Equipment

Reputable schools will have no issue providing this information to you.  Consider making a list of questions to ask school recruiters that can be taken to each of the schools that are of interest.  By making a list of pros and cons for each school based on the questions asked, students will have a better grasp of which schools will be the most appropriate and the best fit for the educational experience necessary to be a successful medical assistant.

Additional information on medical assisting schools, programs, and certification can be found on the website for the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA).

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